Keep Your Wrapping Paper Organized

Keep Your Wrapping Paper Organized

If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of rolls of birthday, wedding, or Christmas wrapping paper scattered about under beds or in closets. I recently discovered the world of wrapping paper organizers. Don’t let your confusion about which wrapping paper organizer will fit your needs stop you. There are really just four main types, the hanging wrapping paper organizer, the vertical wrapping paper organizer, the under-the-bed or portable wrapping paper organizer and the cart wrapping paper organizer. Before you purchase one, take a look around your house to see what type of space you have available.

Hanging wrapping Paper Organizer

Do you have an empty coat closet? Jokari has a Hanging wrapping paper organizer that holds 12 rolls of wrapping paper with a built in hanger at a reasonable price. The hanger can be suspended from your closet rod or hook. It also contains clear plastic pockets to hold your tape, scissors, bows or even flat boxes. If you can spend a little more to go green with your purchase, Elfa has a hanging wrapping paper organizer made of recycled cotton over a fiberboard frame. It is designed with an free standing, two sided A-frame with has hooks that holds a wrapping paper roll at table height for easy gift wrapping.

Under-the-Bed / Portable Wrapping Paper Organizer

storage-under-bedWhat about the empty space you have under your bed? Rubbermaid created a portable wrapping paper organizer that holds six 40″long paper rolls and your accessories made out of polyester canvas. It has a convenient handle so you can pull it from under your bed and carry anywhere with ease. Do you need more on the go storage? Elfa makes a portable wrapping paper organizer that holds 24 rolls, your gift bags, tape, scissors and more. If you really need more storage and portability is not needed. Elfa also has a clear wrapping paper organizer that holds 28 rolls and is stackable if you want to put it in the attic. You will find that most of Elfa’s wrapping paper organizers are made in the USA.

Vertical Wrapping Paper Organizer

Do you have room in the bottom corner of your closet? Rubbermaid makes a polyester canvas vertical wrapping paper organizer that holds 20 rolls of wrapping paper. Don’t like canvas wrapping paper organizers? Elfa constructed a vertical wrapping paper organizer made of translucent polypropylene that holds 16, 30″ rolls of paper. The only down side to this type of wrapping paper organizer is it will not hold any other wrapping supplies.

Cart Wrapping Paper Organizer


Do you have lots of supplies and a craft room? Maybe Elfa’s cart wrapping paper organizer is just what you need. The sturdy steel construction on casters makes it the optimum wrapping paper organizer. It has plenty of draw space for all your supplies. You will find this type of wrapping paper organizer is much more expensive and assembly is required, however you will be using this wrapping paper organizer for years to come.

When looking for the perfect wrapping paper organizer, make sure you keep in mind how much supplies you have on hand, what type of material you want it made of, and how much room you have available. There is no reason why your wrapping paper should be setting in a corner being damaged, you paid good money for the paper so protect it and get organized with your favorite wrapping paper organizer.